Shilo and Ian Family

Luay Photography – How did you guys meet?

Shilo – I was working as a bartender and he was someone that just came in *laughs*

Ian – Just a Patron *laughs*

Shilo – That was two years ago

Luay Photography – What was your first impression of each other?

Shilo – I was stand offish, he was just flirty. I was busy doing my job

Luay Photography – When he asked you out for a date, what were you thinking?

Shilo – Well he didn’t really ask me out for a date, he invited me to go camping as friends, then we just started hanging out

Luay Photography – What was one quirky thing that you guys love

Shilo – He’s always a jokester, always making jokes

Ian – That she actually puts up with it, a sense of humor goes a long way *laughs*

Luay Photography – What was the emotion you had when you held your first child for the first time?

Shilo – Just excitement! It was tough cause I had an emergency C Section so I had a whole BUNCH of emotions and feelings, but it was like the best feeling of love possible, I can’t really explain it

Ian – I’m stuck now, no just kidding *laughs*. Just that this thing is amazing, gonna love her forever. Next time was like, “alright it’s time to go to work, cause I know, girls get expensive when they get older” haha

Luay Photography – It’s work but it’s good work right?

Shilo – Yes absolutely

Luay Photography – What are some quirky things your kids do that you love?

Shilo – Maverick is just the little one, he’s the baby so he get’s everything he wants or tries to haha

Layla – *points to amber* She acts like the Boss!

Ian – *Points to Gavin*

Shilo – Sports, we love to watch him play sports.

Ian – It’s not a quirky thing

Luay Photography – Seeing your kid’s do well in something they love to do is just joy to watch. What is the most important thing to you that help you grow together as a family.

Shilo – Love and Support definitely. Always love and support them no matter what.

Ian – The hardest thing I can say is that, being that we are two households come together as one. Not everybody sees eye to eye all the time, but doing things like this (photography) as a family unit, really helps unite us.

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