Shaylee locksley

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I'm passionate about making people laugh and taking care of others

Shaylee locksley

One thing that I love about myself is that I am always able to make anyone laugh, no matter where I am or who they are.  My dream job is to be a comedian, being able to travel the world, to meet new and exciting people, and to be an inspiration to others, it’s my passion to make people laugh.  I want to be remembered as that nice person who was always there to help people when they needed it.

My favorite high school memory would have to be playing spoons in the cafeteria with my schools plastic spoons.  It was always fun to have the spoons break on us when there was a bunch of people playing lol.  I love hanging out with my friends playing VR at my house, it’s always fun to see how people trip out over it.

FUN FACT, I have a twin.

I’m not planning to go to college as I am happy at my job and to pursue a career in comedy.  I’m most excited to be done with school, not having to worry about writing a seven page essay about a book that I don’t care about.

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