Rachel and Dustin McGaw

Luay Photography – So how did you guys meet?

Rachel – We met online on a dating site called Zoosk

Luay Photography – What were your first impression of each other?

Dustin – I thought she was cute! I liked what she had on her profile, we matched compatibility wise and we started messaging each other

Rachel – And then when we met in person, it was pretty much love at first sight

Luay Photography – What was your impression of him?

Rachel – When I saw his profile, I thought he was really cute. I liked his pictures, I liked that he was a Blue Collar worker. Then when we met, he was really quiet, but he is really knowledgeable. He’s alot smarter than he seems cause he’s really quiet. We talked for 3…3 1/2 hrs, just non stop!

Dustin – I was blown away! She’s highly educated, she can hold a conversation in multiple subjects. It was just…easy. There was no awkward silence that you’d normally get from first dates.

Luay Photography – What is one quirky thing he does that you love?

Rachel – *Laughs* I get to choose one?! It’s not so much quirky as it is sweet. He chews tobacco. I’m not…a fan of it, but you know, he’s a cowboy, I get it. But..before he puts in any chew, he gives me a Kiss. Not just any kiss, like a MEANINGFUL kiss, just before he puts his chew in. Cause he knows that’s not my favorite, and that’ him being really sweet and respectful to me.

Dustin – …I like the way she squeals when we come upon a new animal *both laugh*. Especially when it’s puppy or kitten. I don’t know if you were out here earlier when she saw the kitten walking by, but as soon as she saw it, it was on *laugh*

Luay Photography – What do you guys look forward to the most growing together?

Rachel – Our relationship with communication and trust. Knowing that, with everything that we’ve been through, you know we’ve been through things that most couples never experience in their lifetime. I pray they never have to experience. We’ve gotten through it together. There has been bumps and it has been hard…but…we’ve been able to get through it together, and I look forward to getting through whatever life throws at us. Knowing that he’s gonna be there through anything.

Dustin – That’s really is all about communication. This is not our first marriage for either one of us, and we’ve had long discussions between the two of us, Communication was what was always lacking in our prior relationships…And it’s not like that in this relationship, even when it’s difficult. Things you don’t want to talk about, you can still talk without getting mad, without throwing things.

Rachel – Without getting defensive

Dustin – It can last for awhile but it can’t last forever. Eventually one will change and other can’t.


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Photographer: Luay Photography https://www.facebook.com/luayphotography/

Couple: Rachel McGaw and Dustin McGaw

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford at Ridgewood Event Center https://www.bluelakeranch.com/ridgewood-event-center and Ridewood Party Rentals https://www.facebook.com/Ridgewood-Party-Rentals-110228940698116

Location: Ridgewood Event Center https://www.facebook.com/ridgewoodevents

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique https://www.facebook.com/brisbridal/

Makeup: Rachel Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley https://www.facebook.com/jamiedoes.hair.1

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