Coral and Josh

Luay Photography – How did you guys meet?

Josh – Through Industry, through Tattooing and Piercing. Invited her over to help with a piercing of mine.

Luay Photography – What was your first impression when you met for the first time?

Coral – He made me nervous *laughs*. I was excited to meet him, cause I had been interested and had heard about him through industry. So it was nice to get an interaction.

Josh – I was completely business, I didn’t think of anything. I was like thanks for coming in and nice to meet you. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come to my place and help with my needs. I myself didn’t have any awareness that there was any more than that *laughs* until later.

Luay Photography – What was one Quirky thing that you love about each other?

Coral – His witty Jokes out of nowhere, he makes me laugh! He knows how to make me laugh. Time passes very easily.

Josh – It’s hard to look like this and pull it off.

Coral – I don’t know, I think tattoos make anyone look good.

Josh – I wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have them. She lives on fear, I love that! I scare her so easily, and I don’t even try to sneak up on her. She’s so jumpy, and I love to scare her. It’s Funny! She’s super nervous she would jump.

Luay Photography – What are you guys looking forward to the most as you are growing together?

Josh – Just to stay the same.

Coral – Not the same, but Grow

Josh – Grow, but still enjoy that naturalness, you know? Especially with what we do, now we work together, I want to keep that excitement. Looking over and enjoying the person there.

Luay Photography – What is the most important thing in your relationship to make it work?

Josh – Adventure. Always have adventure and laughter

Coral – Excitement!

Josh – Keeping things Random. No plans, just enjoy the moment.

Coral – He balances me out. He keeps alot more excitement in my life. I’m very structured.

Josh – Yeah, I just have a fuck it attitude. Like lets do it!

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Photographer: Luay Photography

Couple: Coral Lorraine and Josh Barela

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Racheal Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley

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