Christina and Alex

Luay Photography – So how did you guys meet?

Alex- Ah, so we met 5 years ago at work. We both worked at the same job and still work there, together. We work at the Humane Society.

Luay Photography – What were your first impression of each other?

Alex – Her Dimples! Gave me the biggest Butterflys! But…she’s scary and intimidating. SO the first time I was able to get her to smile and I saw those dimples, I was like, wow. I’ll never forget that moment. First time seeing her dimples.

Christina – I’d say, I thought she was really quiet, really put together. Very calm. Any time she’d come around me, she would just get so bright! And SO not calm haha!

Alex – Haha, I didn’t know that! Wow. My Cheeks hurt hahaha! *smiling*

Luay Photography – What is one quirky thing you love about each other?

Alex – OH! She’s a GREAT dancer! She’ll bust a move to any song. It doesn’t matter what it is…Baby Shark…a freakin’ piano Beethoven Song lol. That’s my favorite part haha!

Christina – I don’t really know, honestly just everything. There’s not one specific thing that sticks out cause they all do! She sleeps with socks on now! Hahaha! She never slept with socks on, and I do.

Alex – *laughter* That’s quirky about her! She sleeps with socks on!

Christina – Now she does too haha!

Alex – It’s what I have adapted to lol! THAT is definitely something quirky about you!

Luay Photography – What do you guys look forward to in the future as you grow together?

Christina – I mean as far as kids go like, we definitely do want to have one of our own. Cause I do have one…and she *Alex* loves her so much. Just going through so much that we have already been through, we can’t really…hope and pray for something to happen in the future because, the way that our lives are, it’s just not calm. We go with the flow every single day and we keep strong for that *looks at Alex*

Alex – Yeah, I just want to say that in the future I just want peace, to grow in peace with you and in love. To continue being as strong as we have been and growing, get through everything.

Luay Photography – What’s the most important thing in your relationship that keeps you closer together?

Christina – That’s a hard question.

Alex – Our strength…We’ve been through so much, like any normal couple would have been done and over. The job that we have is so difficult. I don’t know…we are just meant to do this crazy life together and it works.

Christina – And to be there for each other no matter what. To hold each other up.

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Photographer: Luay Photography

Couple: Rachel McGaw and Dustin McGaw

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford at Ridgewood Event Center and Ridewood Party Rentals

Location: Ridgewood Event Center

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Racheal Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley

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