Adrienne and Dallen Engagement

The first time we met was when he came over to give me an estimate for spraying my out-of-control weeds. He pulled up, we locked eyes and it was over!

He dragged the estimate out for an hour and a half and gave me a ridiculous low-ball price that I couldn’t refuse. 

It was all about the follow-through for me, I knew he was the one when he did exactly what he said he would. He blew me away with his dedication to me from the get-go!

I did not see this proposal coming at all! I knew he had asked my Dad the day before but I thought he was going to wait a while. Boy, was I wrong! He showed up at my salon (The Hair Unicorn & Co.) and I sent him away for Taco Bell and a drink from Sonic. He came back and waited while I finished up an appointmen. I didn’t realize but he was going around the salon showing everyone the ring and asking them their opinion on the ring and what my answer will be. He was seated and I was standing and munching on my lunch. He scooted forward in the chair so he could get down on one knee, and I ACCIDENTALLY blocked him by moving in for a hug. I have a super power for making things more awkward than they should be. So as I am hugging him he asks me and I back up in shock and he pops out this little box and I keep saying, “Wait, what?!”, until he asks, “Are you going to say yes?”. I finally nod and say yes!

I love his sense of humor. He keeps things light and keeps me out of my head when I am stressed out. He cracks me up with the way he answers my calls, every time is different; a silly voice, an accent, a different language. He also makes me laugh when he comes for a taste test when I’m cooking. I abruptly try to kick him out of the kitchen and it always turns into us dancing like idiots to no music.

I am looking forward to dancing with him on our wedding day!

I am looking forward to a small wedding and a bigger reception. Simple ceremonies have been more common lately among my friends and I love that intimate feel.

Photographer: Farmington NM Wedding Photographer Luay Photography

Jewelry: Noelle Foutz of

3 Breathtaking Spots for your Engagement Photos in the 4 Corners

The best engagement photos are the moments shared between couples that feel natural and loved. Whether it’s going on a daring adventure to foreign places or simply sharing a morning cup of coffee together in your own home, having a photographer there to capture these moments makes for a great story to tell in your photographs. So to help you in deciding where you would like to create enchanting memories, here is a list of breathtaking locations to experience Love all over again.


Tsé Bitʼaʼí, translated to Winged Rock, this beautiful monument rises to over 1,500 feet above the desert plains of the Navajo Nation. This gorgeous formation plays a significant role in the Navajo myths, religions and traditions. It has been featured in many films numerous and iconic photographs, ranking #1 in the nations best places to visit and take photographs. It is definitely an experience worth taking for that Epic Engagement Print on your wall.

Bisti Badlands

attributed to John Fowler, Placitas NM

The Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, Bistahí translated to “Among the adobe formations”, this stretch of land in the San Juan County NM, was once a riverine delta 70 million years ago. The desolate landscape is home of steep eroded rock and volcanic ash, perfect for that desert look.

La Plata Canyon

Part of small Subrange of the San Juan Mountains, the La Plata Canyon is a beautiful option to take your engagement session. Especially during the fall when the Aspen Trees turn to Red and Yellow. It also has Plains Grass at the base to get the desert and mountain Look.

Katierose and Jimmy Cantrell

How did you guys first meet?

Jimmy and I first met in Florida, I was from New York and he’s from New Mexico but we ended up in the same place, at the same time and after spending a few weeks together we both returned to our home states. We stayed in touch and then did the long distance thing until one day I just knew I didn’t want to be without him anymore and that night I was on my way to New Mexico.

When did you know they were the one?

I knew Jimmy was the one when he saw me at one of the lowest points in my life and he still spoke to me as if I created the sun. 

 – Katie 

When Katie moved across the country to be with me, I knew she was the one. 


Tell us about the Proposal.

Jimmy proposed on Christmas Eve. Our daughter had just been born in October and both my parents were able to fly out and see the baby and spend the holiday with us. Jimmy took my dad to see his work place while asking for his blessing. 

The night before I accidentally almost found my ring when looking for something in his truck, he had to distract me quick to hide it. 

On Christmas as we opened gifts with Jimmy’s mother and my parents, Jimmy gave me a bracelet with both our names, our daughters name and my daughter that passed away while I was still pregnant with her. 

I was shocked, I thought the bracelet was the big gift. Jimmy kept telling me weeks prior not to expect a ring yet even though we had been talking about getting married since before our daughter was born. 

He knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the greatest blessing to have our parents and our daughter there to witness that beautiful moment. 

What do you love most about each other?

What I love most that Jimmy is always changing and growing as a person. I fell in love with a goofy boy who made me laugh with silly dance moves, married a man who works hard and is a great provider for his family and each day watch him grow more as a wonderful dad and partner. 


Her personality. I mean really

I love everything about her. she’s beautiful, an extremely hard worker, she’s loyal, an amazing mother. 


What is one thing that silly or even quirky the other person does?

He dances up and down the supermarket aisles- full on booty shaking, choreographed dance moves if the music is really good.

– Katie 

She licks my face, like she’ll act like she’s going to kiss me but instead playfully lick the side of my face. 


What was one thing you looked forward to on your Wedding Day?

On our wedding day we also dedicated our daughter and we both were really looking forward to being able to do that and honor the gift God had given us. 

What’s your favorite Wedding Trend right now?

Even though my wedding was completely the opposite I really love the “dark” wedding trend. Black wedding dresses, dark colors and gothic style decorations. 

Jimmy hates that trend so I didn’t get to have the Romantic Gothic wedding of my dreams! 

What inspired your Decor or Theme?

We didn’t have much of a theme, my favorite color is purple and we really just used light purple all throughout the wedding from the light backdrop at the church, to the flowers and table linens. It was a small ceremony, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, a relaxed luncheon rather then a reception, so we just went for simple but pretty! 

What’s one thing you wish you had known earlier as far as planning?

I wish I knew that as the bride it would be so hard to help other people(mainly the moms) feel equally included and heard in the planning and making sure they weren’t getting stressed out and worried about all the little details! No one prepared me for that and especially because I wasn’t worried at all! 

  • Photography: Farmington NM Wedding Photographer, Luay Photography
  • Florist: House of Flowers, Farminton
  • Ceremony Location:
  • Reception Location: Even Wedding Reception Center, Bloomfield NM