Mindy and Raul Sanchez Wedding

Luay Photography – Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us the dirty details.

Mindy – We first met through a mutual friend who set us up. We met at Texas Roadhouse and then watched Book of Life. But, then it took another year to go on another date, because he forgot to call and set up one. We randomly met at a Halloween party, the next year we went to see The Martian with all Raul’s friends.  After that it took another 1 and a a half and we decided to see the live action Beauty and the Beast. Finally, we started actually dating!

Luay Photography – When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?, etc.

Mindy – For me it was his laugh and sense of humor.

Raul – It wasn’t an omg yes! It was an eventually, yup she’s the one. Nothing in particular.

Luay Photography – Tell us about the proposal. (Did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning?, how did you feel? nervous, excited, freaking out?)

Mindy – I knew because he planned a trip to one of our first weekends together, plus I helped design my ring. He proposed at Treasure Falls and it was perfect!

Luay Photography – Tell us the one thing you love most about each other.

Mindy – I love his sense of humor, how sweet and caring he is and that he always tries to make me happy.

Raul – I love her smile, her eyes, her unconditional love, humor and the fact that she’s a nerd!

Luay Photography – Besides getting married – what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Raul – It being over?

Mindy – The cake!

Luay Photography – What inspired your décor or theme?

Mindy – I love the color green and the flowers. I went based on those; we had them a year ahead since they are wood flowers. The colors looked so good, I ran with it!

Luay Photography – What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

COVID!! We would have had it earlier.

Vendor List

Photography | Luay Photography

Florist | Southern Blooms Co

Ceremony Location | Ridgewood Event Center, CO

Reception Location/ Hesperus, CO | Wedding Planner/ Joan Alford

DJ and Officiant | Greg Brown

Dress Designer | Dress Salon | Bri’s Bridal Boutique (Seamstress was Melissa Coria Durango Couture) 

Other Details/Vendors | Cake: Delicious Daily Cakes

5 Christmas Photoshoot Outfit Ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means? Gifting your friends and family Holiday photographs to hang on their walls (or refrigerators ;)! But if you are not sure where to begin to color coordinate your family, I am here to help with these 5 great looks to have a great photoshoot experience!

The theme of this look is bergundy, navy and a touch of light pink. These colors can be a perfect Fall family look and also as we go into the Holidays with the burgundy and navy colors!

As the Holidays are starting and cooler weather is moving in (Winter is Coming haha, don’t kill me), dress warmly with style! Olive green, matching plaid shirts and a warm scarf, add layers with this look! And If it is cold out, you can include a Puffy vest to stay warm!

This next look is full on into the Holiday Spirit! Lean into the red and green plaids, mixed with the touches of cream and black. This is a great look for Christmas parties, Holiday family get togethers, even indoor Photoshoots at home!

This look is everywhere during the Holiday Season! Take to the mountains and find a few Christmas Trees for a great Family Photoshoot in the snow. Accessorize with scarves and Bows for your daughters and you can’t go wrong with this look.

Last is this cozy look that is perfect for Christmas! Bundle together for a more stylish look of Cream, Red and burgundy!

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Photographer: Luay Photography

Laird Family

Rick and I first met when I was in middle school. My best friend Kassie was dating his best friend Cory and well, one day they were at Kassies house practicing with their bow and arrows. Kassie and I were outside walking to the store and Rick yelled out the window, Ashley you are hot! After that we started dating!

I then moved in with my Dad and lost contact with him, until my senior year of high school, I found him on MySpace and we hit it off right away. Picking up where we left off. He was in the military at the time and so he would come down all the time to see me. One day he asked me to marry him under a tree at Kiwanis Park. Of course I said yes!!! I couldn’t imagine my life without him! We now have 3 wonderful children. They all are sweet, kind hearted, and keeps us busy. I couldn’t imagine life without our amazing kids. One thing I would tell my past self is that God is in control.

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Photographer: Luay Photography

Location: Hesperus, Colorado

Fall Mini Session at Berg Park in Farmington, NM

This Fall in 2020, has been such a huge success! I have every weekend in September and October completely booked! I was excited for all of the amazing family shoots I was capturing, and even upcoming weddings in November. I was seriously surprised at the enthusiasm, which confirms that Fall, is THE time to get Family Photos taken. Berg Park in Farmington NM, is such a great location as it offers many areas to capture great looking images, all in short walking distance. Capturing memorable moments that will last for years to come. If you are looking for a Photographer to give you a great experience, enter your information down below and we can schedule you in for your next session.

Photographer: Luay Photography, Farmington NM Photographer

Location: Berg Park, Farmington NM

Fall Outfit Ideas

Summer has ended, you know what that means. Time to break out your favorite sweater and boots and hit up Starbucks for some Pumpkin Spice Lattes! (Atleast that’s what I’m doing, I love me some Pumpkin Spice). It is ALSO the best time to update your photos and…you might be wondering, “What do we wear for a fall photoshoot?” Welp, Luay Photography is here to help.

What To Wear For Fall Photo Shoot

Keep it Simple

When thinking about a color scheme you want for your session, start with a simple, muted color Palette. Blues, Tans and Grey’s look great anytime of the year, but in the Fall, the muted and pastel colors looks incredible against a fiery yellow and Red Fall background! You can also add just a few pops of bright color that coordinates with the rest of the outfits whether they be Orange, Yellow, or even Red. YOU DON’T HAVE TO MATCH EXACTLY! Secret Tip: It’s easier to start with a girls outfit, then build a wardrobe around that style and color 😉

Accessorize! But not too too much

Adding Details: scarves, hats, jewelry, even the shoes, help tie the look together. But don’t go overboard! Too much can be distracting from the overall look that you are going for, so a few here and there can go a long way to having your look come together. Secret Tip: Sometimes less is more.

fall family clothing ideas

Add Layer and Texture

Adding layers doesn’t just mean putting on a boring old sweater. It’s about adding visual interests like scarves, boots, vests, gloves. You can also mix and match with texture like ribbons and ruffles, crochet, tweed and corduroy, etc. All these elements lend to a perfect fall look. Secret Tip: Brown boots and shoes looks great on any outfit!

What To Wear For Fall Photo Shoot

Props that add Dynamic

Props can add a whole dynamic element to a very memorable photograph. Pumpkins, a basket of Sunflowers, or even your child’s favorite stuffed animal are a few examples but be creative! As long as it makes sense for the over all look and feel you are looking for. Secret Tip: Bring something meaningful to you. Maybe it’s your mother’s quilted blanket or even knit sweaters. Something that will add to your overall experience.

Get Comfy

Last but not least, but certainly the most important: wear what feels good to you. The way that clothing makes you feel comes through the photographs, so take some time to choose outfits that you feel the MOST comfortable in. Fitted, but not too snug that shows bulges you’d rather keep hidden! Your family should also feel comfortable and love the outfits also! Secret Tip: Please. Please. PLEASE no prints T Shirts with Logos. Sorry, it’s distracting so leave that at home.

orange fall family photoshoot

Love What You See? Want to Have Your Own Session?!

I certainly hope you got some value from today’s blog post! If you’ve finished looking at this post on what to wear for fall photos and are thinking to yourself – I wanna do that too! Awesome!!! We would LOVE to create a custom photo session for you and the ones you love! Feel free to message me by filling out the form below or by giving me a call at 505-386-6096. Let’s work together to create the images you love!

4 Corners Vendor Showcase

Photographer: Luay Photography https://www.facebook.com/luayphotography/

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford at Ridgewood Event Center https://www.bluelakeranch.com/ridgewood-event-center and Ridewood Party Rentals https://www.facebook.com/Ridgewood-Party-Rentals-110228940698116

Location: Ridgewood Event Center https://www.facebook.com/ridgewoodevents

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique https://www.facebook.com/brisbridal/

Makeup: Racheal Ward https://www.facebook.com/Beauty-by-Rachael-2136626193254600

Hair: Jamie Staley https://www.facebook.com/jamiedoes.hair.1

Cake Desigin: Eric Freeland @ Sweet Revenge Cakes https://www.facebook.com/SweetRevengeCakes

A Styled Boho Shoot with Rebekah

Ridgewood Event Center has everything from Ponds, Tall Grass, Aspen Trees, a Creek, a Log Cabin like Building and an incredible view of the mountains. This place just offers so many options to get the look you are looking for, from Elopements and Weddings, to Engagement shoots.

Photography: Luay Photography https://www.facebook.com/luayphotography

Location: Ridgewood Event Center https://www.facebook.com/ridgewoodevents

Planning: Ridgewood Party Rentals https://www.facebook.com/Ridgewood-Party-Rentals-110228940698116

Makeup: Makeup by Rachel Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley at Jamie Does Hair https://www.facebook.com/jamiedoes.hair.1

Boho Stitching: Belle and the Bear Designs https://www.facebook.com/belleandthebeardesign

Christina and Alex

Luay Photography – So how did you guys meet?

Alex- Ah, so we met 5 years ago at work. We both worked at the same job and still work there, together. We work at the Humane Society.

Luay Photography – What were your first impression of each other?

Alex – Her Dimples! Gave me the biggest Butterflys! But…she’s scary and intimidating. SO the first time I was able to get her to smile and I saw those dimples, I was like, wow. I’ll never forget that moment. First time seeing her dimples.

Christina – I’d say, I thought she was really quiet, really put together. Very calm. Any time she’d come around me, she would just get so bright! And SO not calm haha!

Alex – Haha, I didn’t know that! Wow. My Cheeks hurt hahaha! *smiling*

Luay Photography – What is one quirky thing you love about each other?

Alex – OH! She’s a GREAT dancer! She’ll bust a move to any song. It doesn’t matter what it is…Baby Shark…a freakin’ piano Beethoven Song lol. That’s my favorite part haha!

Christina – I don’t really know, honestly just everything. There’s not one specific thing that sticks out cause they all do! She sleeps with socks on now! Hahaha! She never slept with socks on, and I do.

Alex – *laughter* That’s quirky about her! She sleeps with socks on!

Christina – Now she does too haha!

Alex – It’s what I have adapted to lol! THAT is definitely something quirky about you!

Luay Photography – What do you guys look forward to in the future as you grow together?

Christina – I mean as far as kids go like, we definitely do want to have one of our own. Cause I do have one…and she *Alex* loves her so much. Just going through so much that we have already been through, we can’t really…hope and pray for something to happen in the future because, the way that our lives are, it’s just not calm. We go with the flow every single day and we keep strong for that *looks at Alex*

Alex – Yeah, I just want to say that in the future I just want peace, to grow in peace with you and in love. To continue being as strong as we have been and growing, get through everything.

Luay Photography – What’s the most important thing in your relationship that keeps you closer together?

Christina – That’s a hard question.

Alex – Our strength…We’ve been through so much, like any normal couple would have been done and over. The job that we have is so difficult. I don’t know…we are just meant to do this crazy life together and it works.

Christina – And to be there for each other no matter what. To hold each other up.

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Photographer: Luay Photography https://www.facebook.com/luayphotography/

Couple: Rachel McGaw and Dustin McGaw

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford at Ridgewood Event Center https://www.bluelakeranch.com/ridgewood-event-center and Ridewood Party Rentals https://www.facebook.com/Ridgewood-Party-Rentals-110228940698116

Location: Ridgewood Event Center https://www.facebook.com/ridgewoodevents

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique https://www.facebook.com/brisbridal/

Makeup: Racheal Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley https://www.facebook.com/jamiedoes.hair.1

Rachel and Dustin McGaw

Luay Photography – So how did you guys meet?

Rachel – We met online on a dating site called Zoosk

Luay Photography – What were your first impression of each other?

Dustin – I thought she was cute! I liked what she had on her profile, we matched compatibility wise and we started messaging each other

Rachel – And then when we met in person, it was pretty much love at first sight

Luay Photography – What was your impression of him?

Rachel – When I saw his profile, I thought he was really cute. I liked his pictures, I liked that he was a Blue Collar worker. Then when we met, he was really quiet, but he is really knowledgeable. He’s alot smarter than he seems cause he’s really quiet. We talked for 3…3 1/2 hrs, just non stop!

Dustin – I was blown away! She’s highly educated, she can hold a conversation in multiple subjects. It was just…easy. There was no awkward silence that you’d normally get from first dates.

Luay Photography – What is one quirky thing he does that you love?

Rachel – *Laughs* I get to choose one?! It’s not so much quirky as it is sweet. He chews tobacco. I’m not…a fan of it, but you know, he’s a cowboy, I get it. But..before he puts in any chew, he gives me a Kiss. Not just any kiss, like a MEANINGFUL kiss, just before he puts his chew in. Cause he knows that’s not my favorite, and that’ him being really sweet and respectful to me.

Dustin – …I like the way she squeals when we come upon a new animal *both laugh*. Especially when it’s puppy or kitten. I don’t know if you were out here earlier when she saw the kitten walking by, but as soon as she saw it, it was on *laugh*

Luay Photography – What do you guys look forward to the most growing together?

Rachel – Our relationship with communication and trust. Knowing that, with everything that we’ve been through, you know we’ve been through things that most couples never experience in their lifetime. I pray they never have to experience. We’ve gotten through it together. There has been bumps and it has been hard…but…we’ve been able to get through it together, and I look forward to getting through whatever life throws at us. Knowing that he’s gonna be there through anything.

Dustin – That’s really is all about communication. This is not our first marriage for either one of us, and we’ve had long discussions between the two of us, Communication was what was always lacking in our prior relationships…And it’s not like that in this relationship, even when it’s difficult. Things you don’t want to talk about, you can still talk without getting mad, without throwing things.

Rachel – Without getting defensive

Dustin – It can last for awhile but it can’t last forever. Eventually one will change and other can’t.


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Photographer: Luay Photography https://www.facebook.com/luayphotography/

Couple: Rachel McGaw and Dustin McGaw

Wedding Planner and Floral Design: Joan Alford at Ridgewood Event Center https://www.bluelakeranch.com/ridgewood-event-center and Ridewood Party Rentals https://www.facebook.com/Ridgewood-Party-Rentals-110228940698116

Location: Ridgewood Event Center https://www.facebook.com/ridgewoodevents

Dress: Bri’s Bridal Boutique https://www.facebook.com/brisbridal/

Makeup: Rachel Ward

Hair: Jamie Staley https://www.facebook.com/jamiedoes.hair.1