Coral and Josh

Luay Photography – How did you guys meet? Josh – Through Industry, through Tattooing and Piercing. Invited her over to help with a piercing of mine. Luay Photography – What was your first impression when you met for the first time? Coral – He made me nervous *laughs*. I was excited to meet him, causeContinue reading “Coral and Josh”

Shiprock Monument Location Showcase

I am completely blessed that I live in an area where I can take absolutely breathtaking photos for my clients. Locations that are featured on magazines and movies, and can be hung in my clients homes, perfect as a centerpiece on their walls. The Shiprock Monument is on the top of that list as theContinue reading “Shiprock Monument Location Showcase”

3 Breathtaking Spots for your Engagement Photos in the 4 Corners

The best engagement photos are the moments shared between couples that feel natural and loved. Whether it’s going on a daring adventure to foreign places or simply sharing a morning cup of coffee together in your own home, having a photographer there to capture these moments makes for a great story to tell in yourContinue reading “3 Breathtaking Spots for your Engagement Photos in the 4 Corners”