Adrienne and Dallen Engagement

The first time we met was when he came over to give me an estimate for spraying my out-of-control weeds. He pulled up, we locked eyes and it was over!

He dragged the estimate out for an hour and a half and gave me a ridiculous low-ball price that I couldn’t refuse. 

It was all about the follow-through for me, I knew he was the one when he did exactly what he said he would. He blew me away with his dedication to me from the get-go!

I did not see this proposal coming at all! I knew he had asked my Dad the day before but I thought he was going to wait a while. Boy, was I wrong! He showed up at my salon (The Hair Unicorn & Co.) and I sent him away for Taco Bell and a drink from Sonic. He came back and waited while I finished up an appointmen. I didn’t realize but he was going around the salon showing everyone the ring and asking them their opinion on the ring and what my answer will be. He was seated and I was standing and munching on my lunch. He scooted forward in the chair so he could get down on one knee, and I ACCIDENTALLY blocked him by moving in for a hug. I have a super power for making things more awkward than they should be. So as I am hugging him he asks me and I back up in shock and he pops out this little box and I keep saying, “Wait, what?!”, until he asks, “Are you going to say yes?”. I finally nod and say yes!

I love his sense of humor. He keeps things light and keeps me out of my head when I am stressed out. He cracks me up with the way he answers my calls, every time is different; a silly voice, an accent, a different language. He also makes me laugh when he comes for a taste test when I’m cooking. I abruptly try to kick him out of the kitchen and it always turns into us dancing like idiots to no music.

I am looking forward to dancing with him on our wedding day!

I am looking forward to a small wedding and a bigger reception. Simple ceremonies have been more common lately among my friends and I love that intimate feel.

Photographer: Farmington NM Wedding Photographer Luay Photography

Jewelry: Noelle Foutz of

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